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July 28, 2022

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Warm Weather Watermelon Wholesomeness 🍉

Hi Friends the weather has been warm and wonderful in typical Oceanside fashion. July has just flown by in a whirlwind of fireworks, music, BBQs, beach days and tasty treats.

A few weekends ago we participated in the Oceanside Watermelon Festival at The Mellano Farm Stand. The weekend was so fun and delicious! OKC made Watermelon Aqua Fresca and Popsicles, and we Grilled Hot Dogs topped with house-made Watermelon BBQ Sauce or Watermelon Rind Sauerkraut.

OKC Taco Pop Up 🌮

If you missed out don’t be MELONCHOLY (see what I did there) you can get your watermelon OKC Pops and Aqua Fresca at TUESDAY night’s….

OKC Taco Pop Up 
August 2nd 
4pm to 8pm 
Jitters Coffee Pub 
510 N. Coast Hwy Suite D Oceanside 92054 

Zero Wasted Tip 🚜

Did you know OKC receives delicious produce surplus every week from Mellano Farms to make delicious meals and products like BBQ Sauce and Popsicles? It’s such a great zero waste partnership.

Please check them out, they’re one in a MELON! (See what I did there, again? Lol.

Education Trailer Update 🍎

We still need your support for a new OKC Education Trailer! Thanks to our donors and friends, we’ve raised $30,500 so far and need $17,500 more to reach our goal! Please make donations HERE.

See you TUESDAY, August 2nd from 4pm to 8pm at Taco Night!!!

In summery sweet appreciation and gratitude,


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